Detail, K10 sample

Pentax UK has posted a number of sample JPEGs from the new K10 DSLR (the illustration at left was reduced in size and converted to sRGB before posting here, so go to the link before commenting). Meanwhile, in this thread on the Rangefinder Forum, a poster claiming to be the soul singer Seal says he's gotten a Leica M8 but won't publish images. Me? I'm married to Morgan Fairchild, who I've seen naked! Yeah, that's the ticket. We'll all be waiting around for those out-of-focus M8 snapshots of Heidi Klum.

Posted by: MIKE JOHNSTON thanks to KP

UPDATE: Why do I always have to be wrong about stuff like this? Here's a link to some photos of Seal (sporting an M8) and Heidi Klum.


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