Lately I've been trying to learn a little more about blogs and how to optimize income from them (Rule #1, "Be someone other than me"), and one thing I constantly do wrong is to send people away from here to read something else someplace else on the web, something so interesting and so rich in tempting links that they never come back.

You know what they say: Oh, well.

Here I go again. I love reading brief little essays about single pictures—I keep threatening to do a book of 'em, but my day job as a ditch digger keeps me from intellectual pursuits. Anyway, the best example of this I've come across recently is a little blogentry called "13 Photographs That Changed the World" on Neatorama. It was pointed out to me by Todd G. in a comment. Thanks, Todd G. The byline states:

"The article...was written by Ransom Riggs for the Jan.–Feb. 2007 issue of mental_floss magazine, featured on Neatorama in partnership with mental_floss." I realize once you go to Neatorama/Mental Floss you will never come back; I've just lost you as a reader. 'Bye. Forget me not....



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