Somewhere on the internet, somebody seems to be discussing my old book, Lenses and the Light-Tight Box. I only know because I've gotten a half dozen queries about it out of the blue recently. It is indeed still available from Lulu.

And I've just reduced the price from $27.00 to $19.99.

The book is a collection of some of my old magazine articles about cameras and lenses. Included are a history of Canon that Canon USA reprinted and distributed for free for a number of years; an article about choosing an arsenal of lenses; an explanation of how to read technical lens tests; a comparison of Canon's and Nikon's corporate philosophies; and "Leicaphilia," an encomium to the lore of the Leica. There are 21 chapters in all. The book is 8.5 x 11", about 60,000 words, 153 pages, and it's illustrated, although the reproduction quality isn't anything to write home about. Also, it's not scheduled for a second edition. (I only wish I could justify the time.)

It doesn't include any of the 36 editorials I wrote when I was Editor of Photo Techniques, the 100+ columns I wrote for "The Sunday Morning Photographer," the going-on-60 columns I've now written for the English Black & White Photography magazine, or anything I've written on this blog. Hmm, might be time for a new anthology....



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