Weighing heavily on our thoughts today is the freakish accidental death of Jeff Milano-Johnson, 14-year-old son of "Politics, Theory & Photography" blogger Jim Johnson. As the father of a 14-year-old boy myself, I can't (or perhaps won't allow myself to) imagine it. My thoughts are with Jim and his family.

(My heart also goes out to the young player whose action led to the result, who might have his own demons to wrestle with.)

As an organ donor, Jeffrey Milano-Johnson saved or prolonged other lives, and gave hope and joy to the families of transplant patients facing death or debility. Although this is but a consolation to Jim and his family, no doubt, it is still a noble one.

We hope Jim will return to his blog's mission when he's ready to.

Posted by: MIKE JOHNSTON, with thanks to Stan Banos


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