Regarding the post "My Kind o' Camera," below, I have one or two things I should add. This is addressed to anyone who thinks it is addressed to them. I wish to make the following statements for the record.

(Deep breath)

The Canon 30D is a very nice camera. You made a very wise choice when you purchased it. It takes beautiful pictures. I don't hate pictures made with Canons. I don't hate your pictures. I don't hate you. I'm sure your pictures are very attractive. I'm sure your wife is very attractive. I'm aware that your Mother has perfectly good taste in footgear. I am not Nikon's "bee-yotch." Please don't take things so personally. Finally: your blood pressure!


I'm hoping this will cut down on the death-threats, from those whose shopping skills I have inadvertently impugned....
Carry on,

Your Friendly Host

Sorry, comments are closed for this post! We've had enough fun at the expense of our Canon-shooting friends. Thanks for your co-operation.


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