(From Stephen Crowley of the New York Times)


Last word on the Ikomat. I own two; one made around 1930 that has limitations (no flash sync, separate viewer for composing and focusing), and the 1952 model I mentioned earlier. Great cameras that you can fit into your back pocket. I've been shooting video for a New York Times project, American Album, since last August. I've used the Ikomat for the print edition and later began incorporating some of the snaps into the video. One of the videos was shot entirely with the Ikomat. So, it's the best of all worlds. (I'm opposed to "frame grabbing.") We're lucky to have a boss, Michele McNally, who supports any method if it makes for more effective story telling. Angel Franco is using film for his weekly feature with Dan Barry. Fred Conrad, who I think is doing his best work these days, uses everything from early Speed Graphics to tintypes. I'm glad you pointed the way to his "Harley's Heros" story. David Burnett's Katrina essay in National Geographic, shot on 4x5, was simply amazing.

Magazine editors seem to be rediscovering some of the forgotten schools of photography.

Wonderful site you have Mike.

Cheers, Stephen

Posted by: MIKE JOHNSTON, many thanks to Stephen. Photo: Ritz Camera


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