Roark Johnson, Sailor from Great Lakes Naval Base visiting his family from Ohio in Chicago

Roark Johnson's "Stranger A Day 2007."

Great stuff—well worth a look. I hope it's going to continue.

(Just as an aside, this may be one project that might easier to do with a view camera than a digital one. It might be easier to persuade strangers to pose for a big, non-moving, serious-looking camera on a tripod than it would be to enlist their cooperation with a dinky digicam.)

Roark Johnson is a commercial and editorial photographer from Chicago. You can see more of his work at his website, including lots o' shiny happy commercial portraits and a nice series of school kids.

And finally, if you don't already know (I'm apparently one of the last people on Earth to find out about this project), here's a link to the original Stranger A Day.

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