Camera Arts magazine is currently running a really good subscription offer in anticipation of its 10th Anniversary. Founded by Steve Simmons of View Camera magazine and named by unofficial advisor and regular columnist Jim Hughes (editor of the original, long-gone, early 1980s Camera Arts of sainted memory), the current magazine was purchased a few years ago by longtime editor Tim Anderson. Tim has done lots of good things: he's redesigned and reformatted the mag, started an excellent e-newsletter, is about to initiate a blog, and has some really good stuff in the way of editorial content coming up. From now until I don't know when (but not very long) you can get a year's subscription to the print magazine for a mere fifteen bucks.

No-brainer, if you ask me. An elegant, digest-sized, perfect-bound magazine, CA is one of the scant handful of print magazines still worth subscribing to (I'd tell you what the others are, but this is about Camera Arts). Personally, I would subscribe to it just for the regular dose of Jim Hughes, one of the best columnists currently writing. The fact that it's one of the few magazines that remains devoted to photography as an art form makes it worth supporting too. A subscription is a decent deal at $30. At half that there ain't no good reason not to sign on. To subscribe, go to the website and click on the Limited-Time Offer link in the upper left-hand corner.

Get it while you can—and don't blame me if you miss your chance.


UPDATE: I conveyed to Tim some of the problems people are having with subscribing. He replies: "At the bottom of the page on that PDF that pops up, there is a paragraph with a link. I think it’s the first line of that paragraph. That’s where they click to get to the subscription area."

As far as Adam's comment about "leveraging TOP's muscle," a picture is worth a thousand words:


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