Photo With Flash Photo With Flash

I have to agree with Andy Frazer that this is one of the best side-by-side examples I've ever seen of pictures taken without and with f...

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8:44 AM

Buy 'Em  a Plane Ticket Buy 'Em a Plane Ticket

And speaking of Sean and Melissa Reid (Sean writes the pay camera-review site Reid Reviews , if you're coming late to the conversation),...

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4:53 AM

Photographing as a Subject for Photography Photographing as a Subject for Photography

The "No Comment" picture below reminded me of this great shot from Sean Reid's wedding photography website . Turns out this wa...

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8:58 AM

Twelve Undervalued Photographers Twelve Undervalued Photographers

Robert Heinecken, Space/Time Metamorphosis #1 , 1975 by Missy Sullivan , Forbes Collector Photography is one of the most steeply rising mark...

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1:23 PM

No Comment, Dept. No Comment, Dept.

Posted by: MIKE JOHNSTON, thanks to William R.

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1:19 PM

Joe Reifer Joe Reifer

Joe Reifer, who occasionally contributes to T.O.P., has started his own blog , and you're invited to pay a visit. Posted by: MIKE JOHNSTON

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1:15 PM

On Rain Delays On Rain Delays

Ever seen a better picture of a pitcher? Jim Bouton by Ancil Nance . I asked Mike if he'd ever talked to Johnny Sain about contracts and...

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10:33 AM

Eric Newby Eric Newby

Alas, today is British obituary day at T.O.P.: Eric Newby has passed away . Though known primarily as a travel writer, he made wonderful pic...

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10:01 AM

'Pictures Will Be Our Epitaph': 'Pictures Will Be Our Epitaph':

The Independent , October 25th, 2006 by Ben Felsenburg Denis Cameron, photographer: born Minneapolis, Minnesota 19 October 1928; twice marri...

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4:32 AM

Different Views Different Views

from The Guardian War, poverty and terrorism, or everyday intimate moments—the camera captures both global events and ordinary lives. Blake ...

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4:57 AM

Say 'Cheeseburger' Say 'Cheeseburger'

"He lifted the school-portrait camera from its rigid confines and moved it several feet closer." A brief meditation on life, death...

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4:53 AM

Why We Don't Buy CDs Why We Don't Buy CDs

Okay, now this is completely off-topic and yes, literally whiney, but so completely true I just have to share it with you. See if the musi...

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1:36 PM

The Seductive Tyranny of Digital Printing The Seductive Tyranny of Digital Printing

by Ctein Writing 400-word columns is good discipline for me (to say I've a predilection for loquaciousness is criminal understatement) b...

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9:48 AM

The Hot New Acronym: "DRF" The Hot New Acronym: "DRF"

Leica M8 with Voigtlander 35mm ƒ/2.5, ISO 320, ƒ/8 (estimated), 1/500 sec. Sean Reid has just published Part 2 of his Leica M8 review on the...

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2:16 AM

Vive la France! Vive la France!

...From a review in French of the Canham 11x14 view camera. Posted by: MIKE JOHNSTON, hat tip to Struan Gray via O.G.

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5:01 AM

Please Please

It's been a while since I've said this, so I might as well say it again: the rule for comments is no ad hominem. Comments making pe...

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4:49 AM

'Mastering Landscape Photography' 'Mastering Landscape Photography'

by Alain Briot I am pleased to announce the publication of my new book: Mastering Landscape Photography . Mastering Landscape Photography i...

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3:05 PM

Debbie G.'s Photoshop Blog Debbie G.'s Photoshop Blog

Popular Photography & Imaging magazine's Debbie Grossman (who, a few years ago, was the subject of a famous series of duelling make...

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2:04 PM

Still-Life Mentor to a Filmmaking Generation Still-Life Mentor to a Filmmaking Generation

Jerome Liebling, Morning, Monessen, Pa. (1983). The filmmaker Ken Burns said Mr. Liebling taught him that "all meaning accrues in dura...

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7:28 AM

Ferranti-Dege R.I.P. Ferranti-Dege R.I.P.

by Kent Phelan Got the sad news today that Ferranti-Dege in Cambridge, Mass. has closed its doors. It was a Harvard Square landmark for 51 y...

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7:09 AM

Burt Keppler on Megapixels Burt Keppler on Megapixels

And Now We Are 10, Megapixels That Is by Herbert Keppler It was just a few months ago DSLRs were 6, and now we are 10—Canon Rebel XTi, Nikon...

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5:55 AM

Apple Profit Rises 27%; Stock Jumps Apple Profit Rises 27%; Stock Jumps

By Laurie J. Flynn , The New York Times October 19, 2006, SAN FRANCISCO — Apple Computer said Wednesday that strong sales of its Macintosh c...

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3:14 AM

Perspective Correction in Photoshop Perspective Correction in Photoshop

by Max Hertelendy Original This picture was shot with a Canon 17mm lens on 35mm Velvia. There are plenty of corrections to be made, but I wa...

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11:42 AM

Online Four-Thirds Lens Catalogue Online Four-Thirds Lens Catalogue

Olympus Imaging Corporation, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. and Sigma Corporation have jointly compiled a detailed catalogue of ex...

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11:29 AM

'People See It In Many Different Ways...' 'People See It In Many Different Ways...'

Danny Goldfield, Fiji | Chris | Bronx Photographer Danny Goldfield set out to photograph one child from every country on Earth all living i...

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10:59 AM

Creating Beauty Creating Beauty

I can't speak to the underlying company, product, organization or campaign, but this certainly is an eye-opening little mini-film (runs...

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4:56 AM

Pentax K10 Samples Pentax K10 Samples

Detail, K10 sample Pentax UK has posted a number of sample JPEGs from the new K10 DSLR (the illustration at left was reduced in size and co...

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5:46 AM

'Mine-Golia' 'Mine-Golia'

This is a fascinating story with some beautiful and dramatic pictures: > Stories > The New Eldorado (Don&#...

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6:47 AM


Gavin Mullan, Gabriel Loeb, and Azhar Chougle by Chantal Stone Smart, talented, and young Standing out among the many photographers out ther...

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8:57 AM

Mike Chaney's Color Management Podcast Mike Chaney's Color Management Podcast

The tech-heavy 22nd episode of The Digital Photography Show featured Mike Chaney, creator of Qimage and Profile Prism and the author of &quo...

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8:43 AM

Who's in Charge? You or the Camera? Who's in Charge? You or the Camera?

by Ctein I've observed a tendency for digital photographers to just take what their cameras hand them. Folks put up on-line galleries o...

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5:48 PM

Three + Three Three + Three

If each of us is being honest, and sensitive, I think we react to art in many ways much the same as we react to personalities. Some people w...

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2:41 PM

When Is an Action Photo a Still Life? When Is an Action Photo a Still Life?

Stan Banos, Rome 2006 Why are all those tourists ogling that well-dressed, happy-go-lucky Italian businessman/commuter on the go? Because he...

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11:32 AM

Quote o' the Day Quote o' the Day

. . If I knew how to take a good photograph, I'd take one every time. — Robert Doisneau Robert Doisneau, Sunday morning in Arcueil, 1945...

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6:42 AM

Articles of the Real and the Virtual Articles of the Real and the Virtual

Thomas Eisner, untitled color photocopy, from "Eye Catching Images of Nature, Made With a Common Machine" " Eye-Catching Imag...

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6:20 AM

J. Buhler's Day Off J. Buhler's Day Off

Every now and then I just have to post a particularly great shot from Water Molotov . Look at this one for a minute—just look at it. That&#...

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7:50 PM

Victoria Crater and 'Opportunity' Victoria Crater and 'Opportunity'

This spectacular, serenely beautiful photograph, compliments of the HiRISE high resolution camera on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter ...

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2:30 PM

A Little Higher Fidelity in Those Product Shots A Little Higher Fidelity in Those Product Shots

I just uploaded a fairly long addendum to the PrimaLuna post . I was just about to add a picture of the Music Hall MMF 2.1, but I got put of...

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12:39 PM

RSS Issues RSS Issues

Sorry if people are experiencing problems, but, for the record, I know nothing at all about RSS or any issues pertaining to it, except that ...

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2:40 AM

Patriotic B&J Patriotic B&J

Seen on eBay: this Burke & James with a unique color scheme (they were made in America, too—Chicago, to be exact). Posted by: MIKE JOHN...

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5:12 PM


Right, it's not a photographic product, but you can leave it to me to deal with the splattering of e-mails I'll get informing me tha...

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11:10 AM

High Dynamic Range Imaging and Tone Mapping High Dynamic Range Imaging and Tone Mapping

Photo: Multi Media Photo Uwe Steinmuller has posted an interesting basic review of Photomatix 2.3 by Multi Media Photo at Outback Photo. (...

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1:42 PM