The Mystery Woman, c. 1952 The Mystery Woman, c. 1952

History has left the Mystery Woman a little fuzzy in more ways than one. T.O.P. reader Stephen Edgar, from Ireland, recently encountered a m...

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6:48 PM

Down to the Wire (Blog Notes) Down to the Wire (Blog Notes)

This is actually kind of exciting, in a totally pointless, arbitrary, time-wasting kind of way...last month we exceeded 300k hits (total pag...

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5:08 PM

Chocolatology Chocolatology

One of the side-developments of inkjet printing is that micro-industries have sprung up to print your pictures on anything from cakes to pap...

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9:00 AM

The 'Origami' Lens The 'Origami' Lens

Engineers at UC San Diego have built a powerful yet ultrathin digital camera by folding up the telephoto lens. This technology may yield li...

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6:25 AM

This Is Why I've Been Listening To Billie Holiday for Four Days Straight This Is Why I've Been Listening To Billie Holiday for Four Days Straight

If I've seemed crankier than usual lately, it's because of two things. First, I'm in the middle of having a lot of serious denta...

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7:32 AM

Same Camera, Two Configurations Same Camera, Two Configurations

Many people regard a "Grip" on a DSLR camera less as an accessory than as a permanent modification, if not something that just sho...

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6:14 AM

Coincidoise Coincidoise

Talk about a pleasant surprise: My friend Bob Burnett was busy reviewing Tortoise 's A Lazarus Taxon for our music site when he reali...

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12:35 PM

How to Read a Photographic Book How to Read a Photographic Book

I fell into a habit many years ago that I think has served me especially well. Like the importance of a print-viewing area where you can com...

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1:11 PM

The Latest from the Rumor Mill The Latest from the Rumor Mill

A poster with the handle JTFOTO who claimed to have recently served as 5th assistant to Annie Leibovitz had this to say on the L-L forums on...

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11:46 AM

Random Excellence Random Excellence

This fine fellow, about to snag a stinger, is identified as "Scott of New York (NL)." Found him at the L. of C. website. Taken a ...

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1:35 PM

Homage en Lego Homage en Lego

Marcos Vilarino This is definitely one of the strangest things I've seen on the web. It's even weirder than this .... Jno Cook, fro...

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10:24 AM

Nothing Wrong With That Nothing Wrong With That

One last thing about selecting a "pig printer" (thanks to S. Lallement for the image): you don't get any special Brownie point...

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8:14 AM

Pig. Printers: More Info Needed... Pig. Printers: More Info Needed...

A couple of commenters to the previous post have hit one nail squarely on the head, which is that when considering a pigment printer, you ne...

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9:25 PM

Current Pigment Printers Current Pigment Printers

Although I've endorsed specific products from time to time, I don't often come out in favor of one method of doing anything. My basi...

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4:15 PM

Flakphoto Flakphoto

Andy Adams has been working with Flak Magazine to develop its photography section and has been publishing a photography blogzine featuring ...

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8:13 AM

Hammer of God Hammer of God

O.T.A.*: A piece of classical music every music-lover should own . Posted by: MIKE JOHNSTON * Off-Topic Alert

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6:49 AM

More Scoop on Lightroom More Scoop on Lightroom

Marc Garrett's since1968 blog has just published a fascinating interview with Mark Hamburg , Adobe's lead developer for the Lightro...

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9:29 AM

Best Comment Yet Best Comment Yet

Easily our most popular post ever , published way back in June—seven months ago almost to the day. Who would have guessed that it would take...

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4:43 PM

Car Singers: Scott J.'s Solution Car Singers: Scott J.'s Solution

My brother called me yesterday. He couldn't see any reason why his picture appeared, twice, in the post entitled "Do Phototgraphy W...

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8:39 AM

My Most Unforgettable Portrait Subject My Most Unforgettable Portrait Subject

By Ctein About thirty years ago I was hired to illustrate an article on the big cats at Africa USA, a local theme park. This is the kind of...

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2:15 PM

Nasty, Nasty Nasty, Nasty

Click on any of the pictures to see larger This is Carroll Shelby's personal 1966 Shelby Cobra supercharged 427 "Super Snake,"...

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1:54 PM

Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Regarding the post "Do Photography Websites Need to Grow Up?", below, I should probably add that I'm only talking in the abstr...

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5:50 PM

The Book of 'Bokeh' The Book of 'Bokeh'

By Carsten Bockermann This afternoon I found a book in a Cologne bookstore that is a must-see for all bokeh aficionados: All Day, Every Day ...

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4:15 PM

Do Photography Websites Need to Grow Up? Do Photography Websites Need to Grow Up?

TOP has been an online success story. Its popularity has grown and grown (although I'm aware that it's still a "little" si...

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10:33 AM

Kacperczyk Takes On Fotopolis Kacperczyk Takes On Fotopolis

A big congratulations to my friend and colleague Łukasz Kacperczyk on his promotion to Editor-in-Chief of Poland's (And al...

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10:15 PM

Special Discount for TOP Readers Special Discount for TOP Readers

I'm pleased to report that Light Crafts is offering a 10% discount on LightZone 2.0 for any and all T.O.P. readers—all you need to do t...

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10:25 AM

Stephen Shore Movie Stephen Shore Movie

Don't miss Jay Cornelius's nice little mini-movie about Stephen Shore . Posted by: MIKE JOHNSTON, thanks to Conscientious

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10:05 AM

Print Offer: Wisconsin #5 Print Offer: Wisconsin #5

Mike Johnston, Wisconsin #5 A small, quiet, dark picture that might appeal to anyone who has ever lived in the north woods, or might like t...

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10:07 PM

We Come Recommended We Come Recommended

I'll have to do this quickly. I just wanted to say thanks to Thom Hogan for including us in "Recommended Web Sites" in his cha...

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1:51 PM

I Like Music That Looks Like This I Like Music That Looks Like This

by Bob Burnett Ornette Coleman, The Shape of Jazz to Come Atlantic, 1959 When this album came out the jazz world reverberated---almost as mu...

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4:56 AM

John Friar, Neskowin, Oregon I—December 2005 Photographer John Friar has asked for opinions about his new website . I imagine most anyone wh...

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3:46 PM