4 Million 4 Million

It's now 3:14 p.m. in the Midwest, and sometime within the past two or three minutes, The Online Photographer logged its 4,000,000th vis...

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1:14 PM

Go, Kent, Go Go, Kent, Go

Well, naturally I've gotten raked over the coals in many of the Leica forums this morning, for insufficient worship ( here and here ) o...

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7:44 AM

'...You Just Had to Run' '...You Just Had to Run'

"Sometimes it pays to get to the set before your crew, which I try to do on almost every picture. I like to get there first. I walk aro...

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8:13 PM

A Photographic Project Idea: Dropout Teachers A Photographic Project Idea: Dropout Teachers

The issue: Teacher retention . More and more school districts, especially but not exclusively in high-poverty areas, are experiencing what&...

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3:18 PM

Leica M8 Pro and Con: Con Leica M8 Pro and Con: Con

Gman Music and Cosmic Records, Waukesha, Wisconsin This half of my 2-part brief User Report of the Leica M8—the first part is here —is going...

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7:11 PM

Random Excellence Random Excellence

Bud Green, Statue on Construction Site , Las Vegas, Nevada And if you want to see some examples of what Leicas are good for, check out Bud G...

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2:50 PM

CameraLabs.com on the Limiteds CameraLabs.com on the Limiteds

Gordon at CameraLabs.com has posted a nice video overview of the Pentax 40mm and 70mm Limiteds , which, among other things, gives you the be...

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8:45 AM

Leica M8 Pro and Con: Pro Leica M8 Pro and Con: Pro

Leicas are good. The first Leica I ever saw was an M4-P at Industrial Photo in Silver Spring, Maryland, when I was a first-year photography ...

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9:59 PM

Hawking Floats Hawking Floats

Coolest picture of the week: Astrophysicist and bestselling science author Stephen Hawking, who is normally wheelchair-bound, floats on boar...

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8:20 PM

There Goes Another Three Minutes There Goes Another Three Minutes

Hey, take a look at the featured photo on Flak Photo for April 27th . Cool, huh? There goes another three minutes of my allotted 15 minutes ...

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6:48 AM

Gone Again Gone Again

Apparently John Szarkowski's Looking At Photographs: 100 Pictures from the Museum of Modern Art is now once again out of print—Amazon w...

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7:09 PM

Pretend You're My Editor... Pretend You're My Editor...

...What would you assign me to review? Posted by: MIKE JOHNSTON Featured Comment by Michael Seltzer: How about the Pentax Digital 645? Oh,...

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5:13 AM

Bzzz! Bzzz!

Reader ambroseliao nominates the Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG6 as the ugliest digital camera, because he left his in the bathroom and came back to fin...

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10:40 AM

The Man Who Made Mapplethorpe The Man Who Made Mapplethorpe

By Philip Gefter , The New York Times Tall, handsome and rich would be one way to describe Sam Wagstaff, a legendary figure in the internati...

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6:11 AM

Bakelite Gone Mad Bakelite Gone Mad

Remember our discussions last year about The World's Ugliest Camera ? One reader has found another good candidate. It's the Coronet ...

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5:47 AM

The Duck on Captions The Duck on Captions

" What the Duck " by Aaron Johnson, used with permission. Click on the strip to see it larger. Posted by: MIKE JOHNSTON, hat tip t...

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8:10 PM

B9180 Watch: Full Review B9180 Watch: Full Review

My review of the Hewlett-Packard B9180 pigment-ink printer has been published in the English Black & White Photography magazine. Black ...

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6:32 AM

Gisele Freund on Captions Gisele Freund on Captions

The Rev. Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church, seen here articulating the word of God as he understands it, has announced that his flock w...

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4:38 AM

Canon Scoop Canon Scoop

"Trying to write something meaningful on every aspect of the EOS-1D Mark III is impossible, because there's just too much that'...

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5:20 AM

Don't Make News Don't Make News

by Ctein There is a clear and powerful rationale behind the NPPA rules against digital manipulation. News photos are important . Not just be...

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10:24 PM

Light Meters c. 2007 Light Meters c. 2007

"My DSLR is the best light meter I've ever used." My radar screen has lots and lots of low-level blips on it, and I spend a fa...

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8:36 AM

M'ate! M'ate!

I spent part of the day today photographing hither and yon with a Leica M8, loaned to me by Mike L., a T.O.P.-reader friend from Minneapolis...

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6:58 PM

Bad Cloning Everywhere Bad Cloning Everywhere

Apropos the Detrich controversy at the Toldeo Blade , PDN is reporting that the New York Times ran an Editor's Note on Wednesday admi...

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9:57 AM

So You Thought You Had Good Buffer Depth So You Thought You Had Good Buffer Depth

" ...We can comfortably say that in 10 years photojournalists will only be carrying video cameras. " —Dirck Halstead Many readers ...

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9:16 AM

Quote o' the Day Quote o' the Day

"I have no idea what a 'megapixel' is. No idea. But I'll pay $300 for an extra one." — Craig Ferguson , on the Late La...

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9:07 AM

The Status of Still Pictures The Status of Still Pictures

I guess I hadn't realized how far still photos have fallen in status and prestige in the popular imagination. For news reportage, video ...

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5:52 AM

Chris Jordan Chris Jordan

Wow—talk about photo-illustration! Any idea what this is? Over the past few days we've had a few posts about the differences between pho...

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5:40 AM