Citizens Photo—Portland, Oregon Citizens Photo—Portland, Oregon

I wish this nice place were in my neighborhood. (Stole the picture off the web .) Posted by: MIKE JOHNSTON Featured Comment by Kiliii: Mi...

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8:28 PM

The Art of the Book The Art of the Book

I have to admit I have something of a prejudice against oversized photo books. They try so hard—it seems such a coarse, obvious strategy to ...

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11:13 PM

Blog Notes Blog Notes

I just want to take a sec to thank everybody for yesterday. Michael Reichmann at The Luminous Landscape, Steve Sanders at Steve's Digica...

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11:04 PM

The Online Photographer Turns One The Online Photographer Turns One

It's our birthday! T.O.P. started one year ago today. To celebrate, we offer our (first annual?) T.O.P. Ten Best Living Photographers li...

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4:39 AM

Send Us a Birthday Present Send Us a Birthday Present
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12:33 PM

T.O.P.'s Ten Best Living Photographers List T.O.P.'s Ten Best Living Photographers List

Herewith, in celebration of our first birthday, is T.O.P.'s highly subjective, unapologetically U.S.-centric (I can't help it, I liv...

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12:15 PM

Random Excellence Random Excellence

Jill Freedman Posted by: MIKE JOHNSTON

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10:26 AM

The '70s Quietly Live On The '70s Quietly Live On

Jeez, talk about yer trapped in amber. Not only did Bob Dylan hit #1 (with the decidedly old-fashioned sounding Modern Times ), not only did...

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8:29 AM

On Flatbeds On Flatbeds

Digital solutions for film lovers—Flat bed scanner fustrations by Ajaxnetphoto A question I am frequently asked—"what flat bed scanner ...

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10:35 AM

Totally Random Notes, Dept. Totally Random Notes, Dept.

I can't even say "three times fast" three times fast. Posted by: MIKE JOHNSTON

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10:19 AM

We Need a "Histogram Mode" for Camera Exposure We Need a "Histogram Mode" for Camera Exposure

I was reading a nice article called " My Year With Digital Cameras" by Dave Beckerman , recommended to me by a reader called Witun...

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9:34 AM

Four Slices of Pumpkin Pie, and Mirror Blackout Too Four Slices of Pumpkin Pie, and Mirror Blackout Too

by Oren Grad Thanks to all who responded to yesterday's little trivia quiz . An extra slice of virtual* pumpkin pie to readers Hank, Ir...

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1:58 PM

Why Not Scanned Film? Why Not Scanned Film?

Scanned film is sort of a worst-of-both-worlds scenario, with a few exceptions: a) you want the pictures on film for archival longevity (not...

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11:17 AM

Black Friday Black Friday

Today is "Black Friday" in America, so-called because it's the day that retail businesses go from the red to the black for the...

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9:14 AM

Every Picture Tells a Story Every Picture Tells a Story

by Ctein Recently I talked to two photographers about organizing their photos into books. Having been through this five times choosing the ...

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8:53 AM

Happy Tryptophan Day Happy Tryptophan Day

Happy Thanksgiving to all fellow celebrants. And hey, there's an article about me in the local paper today! Although, for the record, I...

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10:24 AM

A Big Camera A Big Camera

by Oren Grad The latest new/old toy to find its way to Oren's Camera Asylum is a Gowlandflex 4x5 twin-lens reflex. Why would anybody wan...

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9:09 AM

The HP is Coming The HP is Coming

I'm pleased (no, really, actually pleased , which is not an easy feeling to elicit from a jaded equipment reviewer) to report that the H...

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7:48 AM

David Pogue Riles People Up David Pogue Riles People Up

David Pogue's excellent adventure . Posted by: EOLAKE STOBBLEHOUSE Mike Comments: As several people have pointed out, both privately to...

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8:30 PM

Altman R.I.P. Altman R.I.P.

Robert Altman died last night. He was one of the last of the true auteurs —the word referring to an artist who "authors" his films...

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9:58 AM

North American Photobloggers Meetup North American Photobloggers Meetup

The North American Photobloggers have announced the 2nd annual North America Photobloggers Meetup . Exact location is yet to be determined, ...

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2:15 PM

Bill Ford and the Siren Song of the Cash Cow Bill Ford and the Siren Song of the Cash Cow

I first experienced image stabilization (IS) in a pair of binoculars, and I was suitably impressed. I was out on my late Uncle Cam's &qu...

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6:12 AM

In Passing In Passing

I just got a catalog in the mail from B&H Photo Video in New York city. I note that in the entire 397-page catalog (although it does inc...

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6:00 AM

The Yarn Duck and Other Local News The Yarn Duck and Other Local News

I had to roll out of bed and drive to the grocery store first thing this morning, because my son (teenagers!) neglected to tell me that he&#...

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12:08 PM

Outstanding in Their Field Outstanding in Their Field

On the right, Mike Johnston in a relatively serious mood; on the left, Phil Davis, the author of Beyond the Zone System, The Basic Photo Bo...

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9:44 PM

Toy Mania (con't.) Toy Mania (con't.)

Chantal's post about toycam photographers inspired our friend Dennis Mook to start a Holga site , and look what Eolake found —pictures t...

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1:17 PM

Everybody Chimps Everybody Chimps

Chimping: The Real Story Posted by DAVID EMERICK

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1:06 PM

Museum Guards in Derby Hats Museum Guards in Derby Hats

A big new retrospective of the work of surrealist René Magritte will open at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's Anderson Building ne...

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5:53 AM

LightZone 2.0 Launched LightZone 2.0 Launched

The shipping version of LightZone 2.0 (it's been in beta for several months) was announced yesterday. A powerful RAW converter that hand...

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4:59 AM

@#$! @#$!

Ya just gotta love an honest man . Posted by: MIKE JOHNSTON

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8:32 PM

Amazon Store Beta Amazon Store Beta

Every time you buy a book on Amazon through a link on this website, we get paid for referring you—it's a program called "Amazon Ass...

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9:03 AM

Toys! Toys! Toys! Toys!

Speaking of toycams, as Chantal was yesterday in "Photobloggers Exposed," don't forget The Toycam Handbook , a 112-page, 4-col...

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8:03 AM

'Camera Arts' Dirt Cheap 'Camera Arts' Dirt Cheap

Camera Arts magazine is currently running a really good subscription offer in anticipation of its 10th Anniversary. Founded by Steve Simmon...

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12:50 PM


Photographers and Their Toys: Meet the Toy Polloy by Chantal Stone These days, everyone is shooting with a digital camera. The new Nikon or ...

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10:06 AM