Short Take: Fine art photographer who creates panoramic collages by making multiple overlapping frames with a cheap plastic Holga camera. Oren Grad calls it "Holga Cubism." By day, Susan is a computer programmer who works in the music industry.

Quote: "The urban experience to me is largely about motion. The intense pace and vitality of the city excites me; I like to shoot fast and furiously, to be totally immersed and to be swept up in, and along with, the tide of the moment."

A Taste: "Chinese New Year Crowd (New York City)" (above) and "John Deere Lot (Iowa)" (below). Click on the pictures to see them somewhat larger.

Critical Voice: Can't find anything intelligent written about her online. Somebody should do something about that....

Can you buy a print? Yes, and the prices are surprisingly inexpensive. She should do something about that....

Where to see the pictures: "Midwest Medley," solo show at Soho Photo Gallery, 15 White Street, NYC, Nov. 7–Dec. 2, 2006. Reception tomorrow, Tuesday Nov. 7, 6–8 p.m.

Book: None yet


Posted by: MIKE JOHNSTON, tip o' the hat to O.G.

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by C. Gary Moyer: I was able to see the prints in person last night at the show and talk to Susan. They were very impressive and really gather quite the crowd around them.


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