I wish this nice place were in my neighborhood. (Stole the picture off the web.)


Featured Comment by Kiliii: Mike, I love this place. I go there quite a bit to pick up odds and ends, and it's always fun to chat with the fellas there, mostly about the way things are going in photography today, and how difficult it is to be just a photographer anymore.

Tiny little space, with mostly lots of bags. I've watched them change from carrying lots of used Minolta manual focus stuff to focus more on point and shoots. But I buy from them anyway, because I like the faces, I like the interaction, and I like the visceral feelings that come with being alive and in a Photography Shop. I'm a photographer, and they're photographers. We enjoy shooting first and foremost, and for a brief moment in time when I get to stop in and hang out for half and hour, I feel the same way I do when I'm in the field—alive.

Oh yeah, plus I used to go there even when I lived in the Gorge, 90 miles away. It's that kind of shop.


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