Digital solutions for film lovers—Flat bed scanner fustrations

by Ajaxnetphoto

A question I am frequently asked—"what flat bed scanner do you recommend I should buy?"

This is a nightmare of a question and one which is not easily answered without first responding with the question "what do you know about image post processing and pre-press?", followed, usually, in my case, by the whole book preamble on the history of photography. It serves little purpose. Most individuals in my experience of this subject, are impulse buyers who have swallowed the manufacturer carrot and purchase on the basis of product appearance and little understanding of the mechanics or specification. By the time I have gotten to Niepce, listeners are already bored stiff. You know the glazed eye look....

This aside, there are novices with a genuine interest and limited budgets to spend. So here goes....


Posted by: OREN GRAD, tip o' the hat to Colin Jago


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