A brief metacommentary from Mike: we've gotten into some intense discussions in the comments to the "To Delete of Not: Computer Expert" and "OS Obsolescence: a Rant" threads, but I just want to direct people to Dave New's "ADDENDUM," which I just added to the former. There, he's summarized his recommendations for "best practices" concerning safe card usage.

Personally, I'd like to thank Carl, Dave, and Josh and the various other commenters who have weighed in on this issue of how best to handle flash memory use and avoid problems, both technical and procedural. It has forced me to re-evaluate my own practices and change over to a more disciplined, rationalized approach. I bought several new cards and will be following a stricter protocol from now on.

And an incidental note regarding that last sentence: when I first bought a Sandisk Extreme III 1-GB CF card, I bought it for $150—used. Granted the III is no longer the latest version, but the same cards now retail for $45 each, new.



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