"Darkroom—written for professional photographers who want to get the most out of Adobe’s groundbreaking Photoshop Lightroom workflow application...published eight times a year by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). Each issue features in-depth tutorial articles, innovative digital photography techniques, and timesaving shortcuts written by the creative experts behind Photoshop User and Layers magazines."

More info at Darkroommagazine.com.


Mike Comments: Wow, if ever a new magazine were saddled with a disastrously wrong name, I would think this is it. "Darkroom" has a very distinct, defined, and time-honored meaning in the context of photography, and it is not the opposite of "Lightroom," nor will it have a meaning or a connotation having anything to do with digital imaging for most newsstand browsers. I wish these folks luck and success, but here's hoping that, somehow, there's a method behind the mad name.


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