Ach, I'm sorry, I spaced out again. I advertised on the Fine Print site that "Illinois #20" was going to be on sale for half price all day today, and then I forgot to change the price at midnight. I was up, too. No excuse. Sorry.

Anyway, it's changed now, and the news is that "Illinois #20" is half price just for today. The print really is a lot nicer than the jpeg—in my opinion, anyway. It is subtle, and I appreciated the comment of Vesa Lolkas, a reader from Turku, Finland, who said, in the comments to the "Post-Processing" post, "The 'bleak' original image is like a poem that slowly gets to you." I like compliments like that, that aren't written to flatter but that nevertheless get right to the heart of the matter. I continue to find the printed version satisfyingly poetic, if that's not claiming too much.

Also, if you've been mulling over whether to buy a print of Ancil Nance's Jim Bouton picture, now's the time! The price goes up tomorrow.

There isn't a new print offer for today. Well, there is, but I'm just not ready yet. I need the weekend at least to finish preparations, so I'll probably post it on Monday. Hope I haven't disappointed you, if you tuned in curious about what's new.

Older offers
In other news, all of the prints of "Wisconsin #7" ordered so far are now mailed (including the replacement for your damaged one, John A.), so if you ordered one and are still waiting patiently, you don't have much longer to wait. (The price of "Wisconsin #7"—which is, incidentally, the most popular picture I've ever sold—I mean ever, in my career—will reach its final resting place of $450 about a week from now. It's at $180 now.)

Many people who ordered "Migrant Mother" have now received their prints, and most of the rest will go out today, the orders placed most recently will leave here on Monday. (That's the plan, anyway.) I'm really gratified by the great reception both these prints have been getting from people who've gotten theirs already. Many thanks to those who have let me know.

I hope it's not too crass to mention that all of these prints are examples of what the new HP B9180 can do. I'm finding it to be a balky, cantankerous beast with lots of bad habits—I'll update you chapter and verse in these pages soon—but the results are so stunning I'm already flat-out dreading the time when it will have to go back to HP.



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