How to Be Cool in Nine Easy Lessons:

1. The fewer lenses you use, the cooler you are.**

2. Committing to one camera is very cool, even if you own two or three of them.

3. The longer you've been using the same film, the cooler you are.

4. The closer your camera is to "mint," the less cool you are.***

5. Using a camera that's as old or older than you are is very cool.

6. The shorter your longest lens is, the cooler you are.

7. The more often you carry your camera with you, or keep it within easy reach, the cooler.

8. Cool people do not use zooms. Really cool people use cameras that can't be fitted with zooms.

9. The more you will shoot for every frame you'll show, the cooler you are.

*Satire Alert.****

** Four is fairly cool. Three is definitely cool. Two is very, very cool. One, and you are a God, and I kowtow to you.

*** And a corollary: the more you care what brand of camera you shoot, and especially the more you let other people know what brand you shoot, the less you even have a clue what cool is.

**** I think. On the other hand, I think I kinda believe all these things, deep down.


ADDENDUM: Mike Prevette's Leica M8. Black tape is cool.


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