Toby Melville, Heathrow Airport, London (Reuters)

Hope the Christians among you had a nice celebration over the past couple of days, and that you haven't made yourself look like—or feel like—the poor soul in Toby Melville's picture above (as my friend Gabi wrote from Chicago, "I think I have eaten my body weight in cookies in the last week or so." She's a competing triathlete, though, so she earns her cookies.)

Here at T.O.P. we've got some nice pointless fun planned for the next week or so. Amongt other things, I'm about to embark on a series of 2006 Awards. Now, why would a blog give awards, and who cares? I just happen to think it's fun, is all, although I detect a didactic imperative in calling attention to some deserving books and people, which I always like to do. Anyway, we're starting with the "Camera of the Year," below, and will culminate in the "Photographer of the Year" on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day. Hope you find something of interest in the array, and, if not, there will be other things mixed in, too. And I think I've got a really neato print offer lined up for this Friday. Keep comin' back.



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