I have no brief to vent political opinions here, and I seem to get in trouble every time I do, but apropos recent developments in Iraq—one development swinging from the end of a rope in particular—I'd just like to observe that a high percentage of the worst, most destructive, and (yes) evil leaders in history all share one particular psychological personality type: that of the sadistic narcissist. We got rid of one of them yesterday, but consider the utter misery that that one person fomented in his miserable lifetime. If humanity could somehow organize itself sufficiently to prevent this type of human being from ever achieving absolute power, even in isolated circumstances, we could really go a long way toward making a significant dent in human misery. Back to regular programming; sorry for the interruption.


UPDATE: Thanks to all those who commented on this. I read all of the comments, although I posted very few of them simply to avoid disputation. I just wanted to make the small point above. I agree with those who have said it's not the whole story, or even a very important part of it. And yet....


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