Every Monday I offer a small edition of prints of my own pictures for sale to T.O.P. readers. This morning's print offer is a modest, delicate print that really is almost deserving of the term "black-and-white"—the water area is very high-key with just a hint of tone (a bit lighter than it probably appears on your screen) and the kids searching for clams are almost (but not quite) true silhouettes. The print size is quite small, on a 9x13" sheet. As usual, printed as a "carbon-on-cotton" fine print (carbon pigment ink on 100% cotton rag paper). This is not a limited edition picture but only six prints are available in this sale and in this printing, signed and numbered "T.O.P. 1/6" through "T.O.P. 6/6." Gallery print only this week.

T.O.P.'s print offers will be on hiatus this coming Friday and Monday in honor of the holidays, and will return on Friday 12/29.

Gallery Print, 6 available, $90 each.



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