Okay, I lied. I said in the post "My Ad Salesman SUCKS," below, that we've only gotten advertisers that have come to us. I did go after one, a while back, because I thought it was important for readers to have a ready, reliable source for the highest-quality archival blank CDs and DVDs. It's very important to use the best quality CD and DVD blank media for archiving our most precious photographic files, and blank media are especially hard to buy intelligently because brand names typically mean almost nothing at all. Even some of the best discs, such as those made by Taiyo-Yuden, are sometimes counterfeited, so you're never quite sure if you've gotten what you think you've gotten.

The result of my research, which I summarized here, was that MAM-A and MAM-E (Mitsui) discs are the safest bet of any of the available alternatives. So I went searching for a company that could provide them, to cajole them into advertising. The company I found did advertise with us, for a while, but didn't renew when my contact there left. Now, my contact at that company, Jeff B., has formed Encore Data Products. He's still offering many of the excellent products he did at his former company. Anyway, if you'll look at the bottom of the column of ads on the left, you'll see the little ad for "GOLD Archival CDs and DVDs."

A little advice: Don't forget it's there. I strongly encourage you to buy the best media for your most precious and valuable archives— even if you don't use the best discs for everything. Encore Data's very first customer from T.O.P. was me. I ordered a 25-pack of the MAM-A CD-Rs with jewel cases. Don't stint about this; it ain't worth it. Get the best. You will thank me one day!



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