Stephen Best, Croajingolong 5, 2006

Our first Friday print offer consists of two outstanding natural detail pictures by Canberra-based Australian nature photographer Stephen Best. These are good examples of pretty much the highest quality color photographic printing that inkjet technology has to offer; Stephen strives for the highest possible quality and does whatever he needs to do to achieve it, using the best (and often the most expensive) materials and equipment; his philosophy is never to cut any corners. He starts with a 4x5 Fujichrome transparency and scans it with a Flextight 848, creating files that start out larger than 400MB. These two prints, which measure 8x10" on a 9.5x11.5" sheet of 100% cotton Crane Museo Silver Rag, are 2X enlargements printed using Epson Ultrachrome K3 pigment inks in an Epson 4800 printer.

Stephen Best, Croajingolong 3, 2006

Stephen has kindly consented to offer an edition of these pictures especially for us for only $100 each, a price that includes airmail shipping worldwide. Each print is signed by the photographer on the back. There's no limit on the number of prints in this offer; you can order one or the other, or both, and even multiple copies if you so desire. The offer is good until 6:30 a.m. next Friday. Please allow 4 weeks after that for delivery.

Both pictures were taken in Croajingolong National Park in North Eastern Victoria, Australia.


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